Contemporary Home Windows and Glass

Contemporary windows used by charles boyd construction

Surprisingly, choosing the windows and glass that will go into your house will most likely be one of the more important, and maybe one of the most fun, finishing pieces of the overall design of your new home.

Today's new open floor plans with floor to ceiling windows and glass overlooking stunning water views are again simply breathtaking. A wide choice of finishes for your floors and walls, as well as wall treatments such as shelves and nooks will all add to make your home and living room complete. But your windows and glass are probably one of the most important of the finishing design pieces of your new home.

There have been quite a few technological advancements in windows and glass over the past few decades. From advances in more solid, weather-resistant frames, to new advances in the glass itself, windows have certainly come a long way. The other, more exciting development in window design over the past years has been just that, the design itself. Put simply, today's windows are simply gorgeous!

But good looks aren't everything. Today's attractive windows and glass panels are not only good-looking, they are also versatile and practical. Not only that, they are also extremely strong and energy efficient and are designed to withstand hurricane force winds and protect you, your family and home as well as save you money.

New Low "E" Windows for Energy Efficiency

One of the newest and most important developments in window technology in past years has been the introduction of Low "E" (Emissivity) windows. Low E windows consist of double panes of glass which are chromium plated and then filled with Argon gas to alleviate the effects of UV radiation coming through the glass.

Even more good news on Low E windows is that they are very attractive and come in many styles, any number of which will are to fit in with your design goals. These attractive and functional windows are also very affordable and can be a major factor in outside noise reduction.

Impact Glass

Living the waterfront lifestyle along the Atlantic cost of Florida, especially living in a home in Brevard County, is one of the premier lifestyles anywhere in the country. However, Brevard County is also in a High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) and living in a hurricane zone brings its own unique set of additional problems and building requirements.

Due to the fact that we are in a HVHZ, when you are designing your new home, you must design it to meet or exceed the new minimum load and impact requirements for windows and glass.

In January of 2012, the new "State of Florida Wind and Wind-Borne Debris Building Code Requirements" went into effect. These new requirements are well-intentioned and were designed to protect you and your home and minimize damage to your home in the event of a wind event. The new requirements for Brevard County raises the minimum wind load requirement from the previous 100 mph to the new minimum of 140 mph.

Impact glass windows are unfortunately a bit more expensive than regular or Low E windows, but they are the law and they are actually an insurance policy in themselves. Impact glass windows are made using two panes of laminated glass with an almost indestructible adhesive interlayer binding them together, seated within upgraded frames, hardware and other components.

The are three common types of interlayer used in the impact resistant windows on the market today. The most common is Polyvinyl Butyral or PVB, which is what is used in automobile windshields and is the product of choice for most contractors. The next is Sentry Glass Plus or SGP. This is an extremely tough product and is actually used in some bullet and bomb resistant applications. It may be a bit too much for a residential application, even on a hurricane zone. The third choice is made of a resin laminate that is very tough and affordable. Another major benefit of impact glass windows is that they are extremely difficult to break into. Most impact glass windows and doors are warranted by the manufacturer against winds and wind driven objects up to 150 mph. You can imagine how difficult it would be to break into a house with this type of glass.

As with every other step of the design and building process, we are here to answer all your questions on windows and help you make the exact right window choices for your new florida home.