Ray and Paula Lombard

We were part time residents in Merritt Island and were looking to upgrade from our current house. We looked at many houses, but they did not fit our needs. Someone said to us why don't you find a piece of property and build the house that you want. We were totally against this since we were part time residents and were uncomfortable depending on others while we were not there.

We saw Charles Boyd's sign in many areas and decided to call him to see our options. Charlie was building many homes in the area, so we thought why not see what this entails, We loved the area and decided to look into it. My husband is very familiar with building and he was very impressed with the quality and workmanship of the Charles Boyd homes.

We found a vacant piece of property and Charlie walked us through the steps of what we needed to be concerned with before purchasing the property. We purchased the property and Charlie helped us every step of the way. We met his superintendent Billy Forsyth and was very impressed with his knowledge and taking care of the job like it was his own. After meeting Charlie and Bill we felt very comfortable that while we were in New Jersey, Billy can run the job. Billy kept us updated every step of the way.

Many people we spoke to who had a house built said it was so much pressure and you only build once. Charlie Boyd and his team made the experience very enjoyable and we are so happy with our new home. I do feel Charlie and Billy are the reason why!!

Ray and Paula Lombard

Brian Smith

I purchased a beach front house in 2011, and within a month had significant water damage from a storm. In short order I had to repair the outside of the house, so as to prevent further damage, and repair the inside. After interviewing three different potential general contractors, I decided to hire Charlie Boyd. The best skill that Charlie brought to the table was an ability to see beyond what the house currently was. Had we gone with my original plan, my family would not have been as happy as they are based on Charlie's ideas and suggestions. His team was very professional,and his site manager, Billy Forsyth, easy to talk to and gave honest and straight forward answers to any questions I had. I would definitely use Charles Boyd construction again.

Peggy and George G

After over 18 months in our new house we remark daily that this house that Charles Boyd Construction built for us in 2013 is the best thing we've ever done for ourselves! How you made it happen with a couple with as diverse ideas as George and I have is a true miracle. You seemed to catch on immediately that it was all about preserving the view of the Banana River and giving us a house that we can be happy in now and in the future. Your thought that Alex would be the designer for us was spot-on, and your ideas through-out that design process were what brought us to this happy day.

Everyone on your team, from you to foreman Billy to the subs' employees were professional and caring. I especially appreciated the time you took at each juncture to explain what would be happening next at the site, the time frame, and what materials decisions we needed to be making. Your calls to any vendors or subs whom you didn't think were responsive ensured timely actions and materials.
Every evening on the porch we congratulate ourselves for building this house -and it would not have happened without your insight, encouragement, and hard work. We take pride in knowing that our house was built by Charles Boyd Construction, and the "oohs" from visitors (and even passers-by) just cement our belief.

Hart Real Estate

I have known Charles Boyd for over 25 years both as a realtor and as a customer. As a realtor, I always refer him to my customers who are looking to build. I know that they will get a top quality house and there is absolutely no one who is more creative and better with design ideas. In addition to this, I have never had a customer who was not completely satisfied when their house was completed. When it came time for my new home, I turned to Charles Boyd and I am now one of his happy customers. -Betty Hart...

Jody Kelly

In 2010 my husband and I purchased an Ocean Front home originally built in 1959. Our home had all the typical problems of a home built during that time period, small boxy rooms, low ceilings and duct work, all thought out additions. We invited Charlie Boyd over to pick his brain about some options for updating. Charlie had some great ideas but better yet he was willing to be flexible along the way as we discovered what was additionally possible by removing ceilings,walls and duct work. (We had not planned on gutting originally) Nothing was ever a problem for Charlie. His favorite line was "It's your house you should get what you want." I really had no idea when we started our project what a fabulous home we were going to end up with!! Thank You Charlie Boyd!