Today's Contemporary Homes

Today's contemporary homes have simple clean lines with open floor plans with artistic design features often featuring curving walls. One thing all contemporary designs have in common is lots of glass.

From open living rooms with amazing walls of glass designed to give spectacular views, to modern state-of-the-art kitchens and baths, building a contemporary new home today offers amazing design and building options that allow you to be wildly creative.

Contemporary homes built Cocoa Beach construction

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to building a new home today in Florida, green is the underlying theme at Charles Boyd Construction LLC. In fact, you could say building green is our mantra. We were one of the original and are now one of the leading green home builders in the Melbourne, Cocoa Beach area of Brevard County and central Florida.

We have long been concerned about the impact that building, construction and home energy use has on the environment and our natural resources. We have always built our homes with an environmental consciousness and we now bring decades of experience in using environmentally responsible building methods and materials in our residential and commercial building projects.

We are experts in using the most efficient in foam insulation systems and building materials, energy saving design features, energy efficient appliances and even green landscaping in the construction of all of our new homes and buildings. When it comes to energy efficiency, we always recommend and use only the most efficient Energy Star rated air conditioning systems and appliances available on the market today.

Finally, let's not forget the option of solar power for your new home. A modest investment upfront in a solar power generation system can easily pay for itself and then save you a significant amount of money over time. When you use Charles Boyd Construction LLC., you can rest assured we will help you design and build the most energy efficient, environmentally responsible home you can possibly build.

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary Bathrooms Melbourne Florida construction

Most of us love to cook and even those that don't live for cooking still love to spend quality time with their loved ones in their kitchen.

Today's kitchens are definitely not your parents kitchens. The design, finishings and appliance options available for today's kitchens are breathtaking and truly stunning. The bottom line is that when it comes to your kitchen, you really are limited only by your own imagination.

From traditional to ultra-modern and sophisticated design or somewhere in-between, our design experts can sit down with you and bring your vision of your special kitchen to life.

From granite countertops and back-splashes, to beautiful wood or tile floors, to gorgeous cabinets and amazing appliances, we can make your new kitchen a spectacular place you will spend many, many wonderful hours and years enjoying.

Contemporary Baths

Aside from your kitchen, your bathroom is most likely the most individually inspired room in your new home. Your bathroom is an important part of your life and a reflection of your personality and individual tastes. A vast selection of floor finishings, wall finishings, sinks, showers and plumbing fixtures can make creating your bathroom an adventure.

Like kitchens, when it comes to the design, look, feel and the features of your bathroom, we are here to help you make the design decisions and feature selections that will make your bathroom a place to escape, relax and enjoy.

Contemporary Living Rooms

Living rooms are one of the main focal points of the contemporary Florida home. It is the gathering place, the room where everyone groups together to spend time and enjoy each other's company. It is also the place where you can relax and spend time with your family, or enjoy romantic moments with the one you love.

Yes, today's Florida living rooms are more than just a room anymore. With new design trends such as the use of skylights and the new technology in floor to ceiling glass and windows all mean your new living room can be an awesome place to be. We will be glad to sit down with you and help you design the living room of your dreams, then build it for you and bring it to life.

Contemporary living rooms built by charles boyd construction

Other new design trends such as wide-open floor plans featuring open ceilings with floor to ceiling windows and glass overlooking ocean views are again simply breathtaking. Then there are a wide choice of finishes for your floors and walls, as well as wall treatments such as shelves and nooks which will all add to make your home and living room complete.

As with every other aspect of designing and building your new home, we are always here to help you along every step of the way in designing your new living room with today's latest features and styles.

All these new features and options in contemporary home building now make designing and building a new home today more exciting and more versatile than ever before in history. We sincerely look forward to helping you in designing, building and bringing your new dream home to a reality.