Should I Buy New Construction Or A Resell?

The age old question when it comes to buying a new home has always been, "Is it better to buy a newly constructed home or buy a used home?" The short answer is both are good and it depends entirely on your tastes, your personality and what you personally are looking for. The good news is we can help with either one, so let's take a look at both.

New Construction
The many advantages of new home construction are fairly obvious and make it an attractive option for someone looking for a move-in ready home that will be low-maintenance, problem-free and where everything inside is brand new.

There is a lot of peace of mind coming from buying new construction. Because everything is new, you know you can look forward to a long period of time before you have to worry about dealing with problems of any kind in your new home. You also know that if anything does go wrong, or there are any problems during the first years of ownership, the contractor will take care of the repairs if they were his responsibility.

You also know that everything in the home is brand new and you are the first to use it. You are not using what used to be someone else's appliances, bathroom or kitchen. They are yours and you are the first people to ever use them.

New construction is ideal for people that like things that are modern, brand new, clean and hassle-free, with no repairs that need to be made and with a certain level of security that any problems will be taken care of.

Buying A Used Home or "Resell"
Just as buying new construction has its advantages, buying a used home is equally advantageous for certain people. Used homes can be anywhere from a few years to decades or even many decades old. The older a home is the more charm and character it can have and that is very appealing to some people.

Get An Independent Home Inspection!
Along with the age of the home will come the maintenance issues associated with that age. These can be minor issues or sometimes can be major and even deal-breakers. The most important thing is to get a very thorough and complete independent home inspection before you buy.

A good home inspector will go through your home from the top of the roof to the foundation and check for everything from loose shingles and tiles, to rotted wood, to leaking windows on the outside of the home and a complete electrical, plumbing and HVAC inspection on the inside to make sure it is all in working order. He will also check for any kinds of damage or repairs that need to be made throughout the home.

After the inspection you can decide what you want to tackle yourself in repairs and where to bring in a pro, and you can calculate how much it will all cost.

Used or resell homes are great for people who like a home with character and that sense of age or "being lived in". They are also perfect for people who are handy doing repairs and enjoy that as well as saving a lot of money versus buying new construction.