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For over 30 years, as a premier custom homebuilder, Charles Boyd Construction, Inc. has worked attentively to exceed the expectations of homeowners in Brevard County.

Over the years, Charles Boyd Construction, Inc. has won numerous 1st place awards in the custom homebuilder category of Brevard County Home Shows. A home custom designed and built by Charles Boyd Construction, Inc. serves as the picture of excellence in custom home building. Charles Boyd Construction, Inc. builds each and every home with an extraordinary amount of attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. Residents and homeowners who have had their home designed and built by Charles Boyd Construction, Inc., each share in the comfort of knowing their home is safe and secure, while at the same time, exhibiting the highest quality of contemporary design and craftsmanship.

Charles Boyd Construction Inc. builds custom homes all over Melbourne, Cocoa and the surrounding areas in and around Brevard County. His work is found in notable neighborhoods from Cocoa Beach to Melbourne, from Melbourne Beach to Merritt Island. Brevard County homeowners who have a home built by Charles Boyd Construction, Inc., all agree that their custom designed and custom built home serves as an exquisite reflection of their personal lifestyle and the "real life" picture of their vision for a unique dream home

Charles Boyd Construction Inc. is a company built on a solid foundation of core principles and values with a strong commitment to excellence and customer service. Charles Boyd Construction, Inc. works in close collaboration with each homeowner to ensure they have an experience that is enjoyable and rewarding, as their dream home transitions from "blueprint" to real life. Our team of talented professionals brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and expertise along with the attention to details and passion required to ensure that your custom built home truly is the home of your dreams. As we're working together, we are committed to establishing a strong professional relationship that endures long after you've settled into your home.

Beautiful Family Room Overlooking the Banana River

If you or someone you know is looking to custom design and or custom build, remodel, or renovate a home, look no further than Charles Boyd Construction, Inc. With over thirty years experience in creative and innovative design along with superior construction quality, Charles Boyd Construction, Inc. can help you build a new home or update your dream home anywhere in Brevard County.

It's understood why so many satisfied homeowners recognize Charles Boyd Construction, Inc. as having the experience, expertise, and innovation to build their unique "ideal home". More than just a career, Charles Boyd has a passion and commitment to designing and building new custom homes that exceed your wildest dreams. He believes that designing and building custom homes is more about helping you fulfill your personal vision for you and your family and not just constructing "bricks and mortar". Call Charles Boyd Construction today at 321-868-7725 to discuss your project or send us and email at

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Innovative in Design-Superior in Quality.

Since 1975, Brevard County residents and homeowners have taken notice of the innovative designs of each custom home built by Charles Boyd. With over 1000 satisfied Brevard County homeowners, Charles Boyd has gained a reputation for implementing innovative design and building techniques that craft a unique look and feel for each and every one of his custom built homes. His commitment to staying ahead of the curve in design knowledge and building expertise sets him a part from other Brevard custom home builders. Charles Boyd applies creativity that stands out as being on the leading edge of Florida contemporary design. From Melbourne and Melbourne Beach to Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach and throughout Brevard County, each and every Charles Boyd home exhibits the latest in innovative design and custom building techniques.

Each step within the construction process is overseen with the same level of attention to detail that would apply if he were building a home for himself or a family member. This attention and care has garnered Charles Boyd the reputation for adhering to the highest principals of custom design and building; helping him stand out as a premier custom home builder in Brevard County.

Having built in Brevard County for over thirty years, Charles Boyd has constructed custom homes in every major design style. He has a thorough understanding of how to design a house with style and grace that will withstand the test of time, not to mention, stand up to the test of Florida's weather. Charles Boyd has a unique ability to design open, spacious custom built homes that are contemporary in design and tough, well-built in structure. With experience in building some of the finest homes inland and on various water ways throughout Brevard County, Charles Boyd understands that Florida can send both sunshine and rain, and therefore it's important to build your custom home in a way that allows it to withstand Florida's various weather patterns. That's why Charles Boyd focuses on designing your home for sustainability as well as impeccable style. His approach to designing and construction is well-planned and methodical with an experienced eye for melding attention to detail with the highest caliber of workmanship, building materials, and innovation.

Charles Boyd's Custom Built Home

Only the finest materials are used to construct a Charles Boyd home.

When your custom home is built or remodeled by Charles Boyd you can expect that only the very best building materials are used. From premium wood floors, to the finest counter tops, to the most durable luxurious sculptured hand rails, whatever your dream home looks like, rest assured that Charles Boyd Construction Inc. will build it with materials that are both beautifully crafted and able to withstand daily use.

Only the best are hired as subcontractors.

In addition to exclusively using the best building materials, you can expect that only the best subcontractors and craftsmen are employed to build your home. With a reputation for excellence, Charles Boyd has developed strong professional alliances with subcontractors who have the same commitment to providing you the very best work! Call Charles Boyd Construction today at 321-868-7725 to discuss your project or

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Oceanfront and Waterfront Home Building

Developer Charles Boyd Built Waterfront home

Many people dream of living in a luxurious oceanfront or waterfront home and the beauty and tranquility that come with that lifestyle. Whether as a permanent home, a weekend getaway or a winter home, oceanfront and waterfront living is a truly extraordinary lifestyle.

Having a custom oceanfront or waterfront home built is an exciting chance to finally have the dream home you've always wanted to have, built exactly the way you want it. But when it comes to the construction process, waterfront homes present an entirely different set of construction techniques and requirements than a typical non-waterfront construction.

Since 1975, Charles Boyd Construction Inc. has built or remodeled over 1,000 homes in the Brevard County area. Because of its unique geography, this area consists of a large percentage of primarily oceanfront and waterfront properties, and a large number of the home building and remodeling projects we have done have been waterfront properties. You really can say we are experts in oceanfront and waterfront home construction!

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